Monday, November 2, 2009

This video I thought was very interesting because it dealt with the stereotypes of boy and girls in schools for example: "males are less likely to go to college. It discusses the biases that teacher have for the female and male students. then it goes into research about the brain. Here it says that research shows that boys are falling behind. According to this boys have lower reading and writing. I thought it was also very interesting when it said that boys and girls brains are set uop different!

This next video is very different. this video is about an elementary school in Green Bay that has same sex classrooms, so even though it is a coed school the classrooms are seperated. I have never heard of this technique and apparently it makes for better test scores. however I feel that this can not be good in the long run. at this age however boys and girls have "cooties". So I'm guessing that because they are seperated there is less arguments that would arrive from these type of things. "when your in a girl's class you can just be yourself and do anything."girl student from the video. Some parents have trouble with this way of teacher, i think i might as well. I not really sure how I feel about it. Yes they get to interact during lunch and possibly recess, but is that enough. What if a girl student is more comfortable around boys, not all girl students get along with girls,a nd same goes for boy students.

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