Monday, October 26, 2009

talking points # 6

1."we are no where near a post-racial america." Time wise
I think this quote is very important because I do believe that even though we have a black president does no mean that racism as magically disappeared. it is far from gone. While reading about the brown vs board the same misconception was made after the civil war, African Americans thought that now they could finally be equal becasue slavery had ended but look what resulted years later, white and blacks were not allowed to go to school together.

2."they view him(Obama)... as transcending race, as being different from the black and brown norm." Tim Wise
I think this quote is very important becasue it brings up this issue that you can only be a successful african american if you dress and act like Barack Obama. What Wise was saying was that it is important to realize that African Americans can be successful people and just as smart if not smarter that Obama without being just like him. He also talked about how it would be acceptable for a black president to be like Bush and he probaly not be elected. I thought that was very interesting.

3."to keep our eye on the prize so to speak and remember how much work still remained to be done after those events." Tim Wise
Here Wise is talking about how yes this is great that we have a black president...but to remeber after brown vs board how much still needed to be done, this issue of racism is not gone and it is important to realize that. There is so much more than can be done the problem of racism has not stopped with the election of Barack Obama.


  1. Even though Obama is president and even if we have 10 black presidents after him I dont think racism will ever go away. Some people are so close minded and they will pass it on to their children. I hope that we will overcome it eventually though.

  2. I agree with Jessica, I wish that racism would just go away, but there are people out there that are close minded and hopefully that will change