Wednesday, October 7, 2009

While reading Gayness, Multicultural Education, and Community by Dennis Carlson i must say that I found it a little difficult to read in the begining. Ifeel that it didnt really have a flow, but as I contiued to read I felt it become easier to read. I do agree with Carlson that "Gayness" has been left out of class curriculums on purpose. and i feelt hat they should be incorporated within a child's education starting off at ayoung age. If students learn about different sexual orientations early in their education I feel that they will understand and not be so judgemental to their fellow peers as they get older that may be gay or have gay family members.
the first quote i chose was "the cleansing of gayness from the literacy canon is often defended as an effort to maintain the reputation or "good name"of authors by not "outing" them."(pg 236) this quote really does make sense because if a gay writer was out and open about his sexuality he may be looked on in a negative way and his work may suddenly not be worth what it was if no one knew. this really upsets me, why should a person be judged because of their sexual orientation?
the second quote i chose was, "to the extent that gayness is recognized in the curriculum, it is likely to be in the health curriculum,where it is associated with disease."(pg 237) this quote just makes me sick, it gives gayness a negative appearence. if something is associated with disease your going to think it is bad. so if a child sees this in class they may never see pass that.
my final quote is "so gay teachers were to be fired because they too were understood as contagious."(pg237) this statement makes me laugh almost. it is such an ignorant statement. this just goes to show how people who do not understand something can make it such an issue and make it a negative.


  1. I agree with your last quote.. it is ridiculous that people thought/ think that homosexuality is contagious. It is even more ridiculous that teachers were fired for liking the same sex.

  2. I agree. Why do people even come up with the notion that gayness is contagious. And also, the the whole thing about crushes forming between gay teachers and gay students, that could easily happen between straight students and teachers.

  3. I agree that at the begining Carleson was hard to read and as I kept reading it got easier. I also agree with you and Carleson that "gayness" has been left out of schools on purpose as well and I don't agree with it!