Wednesday, October 14, 2009

while reading Unlearning the Myths That Blind Us by Linda Christensen i really started to understand what exactly the " secret education" was. i had always heard about disney movies having an underlying message, however i never really understood what is was and how it affects children. i also really enjoyed the reading. i feel that it was very interesting to read about something i was very famliar with, afterall i think i have seen every disney movie at least twice!
1. the first quote i chose was "our society's culutre industry colonizes their minds and teaches them how to act, live, and dream."(pg126). this quote really makes me think how badly i wanted my prince charming to come and rescue me one day because i saw it in EVERY disney princess movie. it really gave me a false sense of reality.
2. the second quote i chose was"they assure me that they make their own choices and the media has no power over them-as they sit with Fubu, Nike, Timberlands or whatever the latest fashion is." i really like how she compared fashion and how the media manipulates us to wear certain brands, and how the childrens movies and cartoons manipulate young minds. i think it is important to show te different waa the media has effected its viewers.
3.the third quote i chose was "we look at the roles women, men, people od color, and poor people play in the cartoon." i think this is very important and very interesting. before reading this essay i would have never of thought to watch out for these stereotypes, but once you notice them, you realize how obvious they really are. it is very disturbing to view.

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