Monday, November 9, 2009

talking points # 8

1. "The teachers rarely explain why the work is being assigned, how it might connect to other assignments, or what the idea that lies behind the procedureor gives it coherence and perhaps meaning or significance."

This is wat she says happens happens in the working class school. I really do not understand why the working class schools have teachers that seem to be not doing there job the best they can, as if they are slacking.I do understand he issue with not having enough materials such as textbooks but I do not understand why the teachers should not give there students 100% so that they will learn something from the lesson they are teacher other than telling them they just need practice, and perhaps not realizing that they arre not understanding it because of how it was taught to them.

2. "Now draw a line this point a girl said that she had a faster way to do it and the teacher said 'no, you dont, you dont even know what i am making yet. do it this way or its wrong'"

This to me does not seem right. if a student has an idea the teacher should explore it. This way you can have the students get involved more, and you are invited students to use their minds and exercise their ideas. But by setting the student down like that, the teacher just shows negativetly toward the situation and it make have an effect on that girl, making her not want to speak in fron tof the class again. also the other students see that the teacher is somewhat mean. instead she could have said something like... well lets try this way first, or sure lets see what you have.

3. "Work tasks do not usually request creativity. serious attention is rarely given in school work on how the children develope or express their own feelings and ideas, eitherlinguistically or in graphic form."

This somewhat bothers me I feel that creativity is very important in a young students education. I feel that it improves a child's all around learning. I feel that creativity should be involved in a student's day. And they should be able to express what they think and feel, kind of like the second quote I chose.

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