Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frst of all I want to say that i really enjoyed the conference .I was unsure how I would feel about it given the day and time we had to be there. but I actually really enjoyed it. My first workshop was a little boring but my second was very interesting and very helpful. the key speaker, Tricia Rose was amazingI loved the way she spoke. She made connections to johnson and carlson when she talked about the "gay computer" incident.
my second workshop was my favorite workshop. It consisted of three teachers from different schools talking about case studies that they did on their students for example one teacher talked about two students she had that had behavioral issues. She then decided to chart their progress when trying different techniques to help that stdent have a better class day and a better year all together. At the end of the study she realized that his grades and behavioral issues improved greatl. however the other student did not improve but stayed the same. The last teacher that presented talked about her special eduction classroom. her students were mild to server special education students. her story was very touching. she had pictures on her powerpoint that were so sweet I felt very connected to what she was saying because i saw pictures. her case study was trying to get regular ed students get involved with her studentsand hopefully form friendships. she would ask the regular ed's teachers if their students have free tme to come work with her students. They would come in about once a week and bake, play games, etc. You could tell that she was very proud of what she was doing but not only that but she loved what she did. I have to say that Iwas very inspired.
talking about inclusion in the classroom
i thought that this was very interesting "to be fair we have to treat them different"

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the day but I wish you had more details to help me understand what you learned... The assignment asks you to make 2 connections to course readings and use 3 external links. I don't see the authors or a third link here. Hope you will attend Promising Practices again next year!!